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Schitt's Creek Do-over

As a huge fan of SCTV, I really wanted to love Schitt's Creek, but I bailed after the first episode. It just didn't hold me, even with Eugene Levy, Catherine O'Hara and Get A Life's Chris Elliott! That was years ago, and now Schitt's Creek is the talk of the
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TV I've Dug in 2019

I watch a lot of pilots. I'll hear about a show people are digging, and I'll give it a try. More often than not, I bail after one episode because I'm not feeling it. Sometimes I'll give it three or four episodes before bailing, and if the show is as
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Shomi is No More

Rogers introduced Shomi as a Netflix alternative only two years ago, but is already shutting down the service. "We tried something new, and customers who used shomi loved it. It's like a great cult favourite with a fantastic core audience that unfortunately just isn't big enough to be renewed for
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The Problem with HBO's Vinyl

"A New York music executive in the 1970s hustles to make a career out of the city's diverse music scene." That's the description of Vinyl. With Martin Scorsese and Mick Jagger on board as co-creators, they had my curiosity, but with the HBO seal of approval, they had my attention.
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Canada AM Cancelled

CTV has announced that Canada AM will broadcast its final episode tomorrow. Canada AM first hit the airwaves on Sept. 11, 1972 as Canada’s first morning television news program and ran for 43 seasons. Your final Canada AM hosts are Beverly Thomson, Marci Ien and Jeff Hutcheson. Bell Media
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CHCH TV has cancelled tonight's newscast. "The fear is the station is shutting down or being dramatically reduced." This is awful news for CHCH employees, which includes two-time Toronto Mike'd guest Mark Hebscher, but it's also sad news for those of us who grew up tuning in channel 11. I
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Shomi Suggestions Lacking

When it comes to user experience, Shomi could learn a lot from Netflix. When I finish an episode of a series on Netflix, it anticipates that I most likely would want to watch the next episode next. In fact, it will auto-play the next episode if I let it. I
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