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Happ Birthday

We bought a Happy Birthday banner at Dollarama for our son's 10th birthday party, but when he hung it on the wall, we realized they missed the first "y". Here's the packaging, a blatant case of false advertising.
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Accidental Penis: Splash'N Boots

I like Splash'N Boots. Not just the performers, who have thoroughly entertained my youngest two kids, but the people. I've met both several times and they've paid two visits to my home for episodes of Toronto Mike'd. Here they are, if you missed it. Episode 263 w/ Splash'N Boots Splash'N
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Too Easy, Not Funny

My Twitter feed lit up like a Christmas tree yesterday during Tom Brady's press conference. They were asking him about allegations the Patriots cheated by intentionally deflating the footballs used during their conference final win against Indianapolis. Tom Brady had to answer questions about balls, and most couldn't resist cracking
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More Money Than Brains

This news report from Dallas amuses me. A woman plans to buy $100,000 worth of the latest iPhone, the day they go on sale.  Her plan is to sell them on eBay and make a tidy profit.  She shows up to the store 15 minutes before it opens, ready
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I Dare You To Laugh at This

Releasing balloons for orphans at the University of West England in Bristol goes not as planned.  At least that's the quote that accompanies this video. Pretending for a moment these balloons do in fact include messages from orphans, your job is to watch and not laugh. Who laughed? I want
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Zach Galifianakis' Awesome Quotes

Zach Galifianakis recently did an interview with Rolling Stone magazine.  These quotes are just awesome. His longest job was on a Fox drama called Tru Calling, about a mortuary attendant played by Eliza Dushku who could commune with the dead. He tried his hardest to get fired. He’d tell
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