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Things are Looking Up in Toronto Sports

Toronto Sports fans, I have good news.  It seems we bounced off the bottom in August and things are looking up. At that time, the Jays, Leafs, Raptors, TFC and Argos were all in pretty dire straits.  You'll have to click back for details.  I called it a "brand new
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Toronto Argonauts Parade Details

It was the perfect storm.  The Argos hosted the 100th Grey Cup and won it with a convincing 35-22 win over the Calgary Stampeders.  And with no Leafs in sight to overshadow the event with a 3-game winning streak or anything like that, the spotlight belongs to the deserving Argonauts.
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This is Our League

The Argos take on the Stampeders tonight in the 100th Grey Cup.  I know I'll be watching as the Boatmen go for their 16th championship, 4th overall in North American professional sports. Even if you haven't watched a single CFL game all season, I hope you watch tonight.  This is
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Argos Theme Song / Fight Song

The Toronto Argonauts will be playing in the 100th Grey Cup this Sunday and I think this entire city should jump on the bandwagon.  Normally bandwagon jumpers annoy me, but if ever a franchise needed a mass bandwagon jump, this is the franchise and this is the time. Personally, I'm
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Defending Argo Games

My son and I attended the Argos game this afternoon.  It was a rather important game, with Montreal in town, and we lost 24-12. I was offered two tickets to give away to a reader, courtesy of EcoTraction, and these tickets were already won by Luke F. when EcoTraction found
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Andy Gray's @si_vault Toronto Picture Dump

Andy Gray from Sports Illustrated is tweeting Toronto-centric pictures this afternoon. I'm a Toronto-centric kind of guy who loves sports (and gets Sports Illustrated every week), so I'm collecting them all here along with Andy's accompanying tweets and some commentary from yours truly. AG: Jack Morris, Dave Stewart, Todd Stottlemyre
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