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Schitt's Creek Do-over

As a huge fan of SCTV, I really wanted to love Schitt's Creek, but I bailed after the first episode. It just didn't hold me, even with Eugene Levy, Catherine O'Hara and Get A Life's Chris Elliott!

That was years ago, and now Schitt's Creek is the talk of the town. At last night's Emmy Awards, this Canadian comedy didn't just do well, it had unprecedented success. It swept!

The show went on to sweep the comedy awards, nabbing top honours in all seven categories. After O'Hara and Levy's wins, Annie Murphy took the Emmy for best supporting actress, and Daniel Levy took three — best supporting actor, comedy writing and best director of a comedy series alongside Andrew Cividin. It was an Emmys first, something no other comedy has achieved before.

When I'm all caught up with High Maintenance, I'll give Schitt's Creek another go. I promise.

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