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Dirty Work

My two youngest kids have discovered The Simpsons on Disney+, and they've been watching episodes from the last decade, which means they're new to me as well. The other day, they watched an episode in which Homer sings a parody of Steely Dan's "DirtyWork". This, of course, puts me into
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My oldest son arrived five weeks early. It was an emergency c-section, but I was grateful he stuck it out 35 weeks. There was some concern he'd arrive at 29 weeks, and the difference between 29 and 35 weeks is significant. Because he was premature, there were some minor complications,
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Another First!

I enjoy noting the first time something happened. As a father, there's some obvious firsts that will typically be accomplished by your firstborn. First child to crawl, first child to walk, first child to speak, first child to graduate high school, and so on. The firstborn doesn't get to hog
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The Alphonso Davies Goal

Forget what we now know. Forget that Croatia beat Canada in today's World Cup match. Forget that we've been eliminated from contention, and will not advance past this stage. Forget all of that. In the second minute of the game, 67 seconds in to be precise, something happened that had
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All Grown Up

My oldest daughter moved to Montreal in August to attend McGill University. She's been living in residence with a lovely roommate named Lauren. She came home to Toronto to visit at Thanksgiving, but this weekend was my first time visiting her in The 514. My wife, my three other children
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TFC With My Big Boy

I was gifted a pair of tickets to Saturday night's TFC match against Portland, so my oldest son and I rode to the game on a beautiful evening. What a great game. Toronto FC dominated, and Lorenzo Insigne and Federico Bernardeschi scored in the second half to lift us to
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Sweet Baby James is 20

My firstborn is no longer a teen. Sweet Baby James is now 20 years old. I was 27 years old when James was born. That's before my hair started turning white. James literally made me a father, and it's far and away my life's greatest passion. I love being James's
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