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Jennifer Valentyne Fired as Live Eye Host on Breakfast Television

I read every news item this morning with great skepticism. The morning of April 1 is when news organizations like to have fun with fake stories. When Breakfast Television posted this to their Facebook feed, I thought it was in very poor taste. What's funny about someone losing their job, especially when Rogers Media let go over 200 people earlier this year?


But then, I visited the Breakfast Television bios page. Yesterday, it included Jennifer Valentyne's biography. Today, this has been removed from the site.


Jennifer started her career in 1987 at City as a weekend intern while attending school and performing as a cheerleader for the Toronto Argonauts. She had been on Breakfast Television since 1992. That was an impressive 24 year run.

I'm sorry this wasn't just a bad April Fool's Day joke. Here's hoping Jennifer lands on her feet.

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