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Tony Soprano Is Dead

You know, I still think about it.  Every once in a while I'll revisit the final diner scene from The Sopranos finale in my head.  As I wrote when it first aired, at first the episode angered me, then I accepted it and quickly saw its beauty. I had to
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Is Tony Dead?

I had found peace with The Sopranos finale.  I had closure.  Tony and his family would live on without me, and I was okay with that.  Now, I'm wondering if Tony in fact perished in the finale. Web sites like this are popping up all over the place.  There's a
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The Sopranos Series Finale

I intentionally waited a couple of days before writing this entry.  Immediately following The Sopranos series finale on Sunday night I posted this entry which featured the song that played during the pivotal closing scene.  In the comments, there was a discussion about the episode and I revealed some of
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Tony Plays Monopoly

The Sopranos is half way done their final season.  It's the home stretch with but four episodes remaining.  As a long time fan, I must say I've been disappointed thus far this season. Everything that transpires seems to be a set-up or a red herring.  There's little excitement, just build
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Bonus Eight

David Chase has more to say than he can fit into 12 episodes.  The result is a bonus eight pack for fans of "The Sopranos".  In March we'll get a season of twelve and then the final eight in January 2007. With "Six Feet Under" a couple of episodes from
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The Emmys

I would like to thank the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences for getting it right last night.  For the first time in as long as I can remember, I agreed with their choices for both Best Drama and Best Comedy.  The Sopranos won for Best Drama and Arrested Development
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