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Podcast Potpourri

It's the dog days of summer, so here's some podcast stuff for the curious. Firstly, those who thought the folding Costco chairs podcast guests had to sit on should be upgraded will be happy to know that's happening today. Blue Sky Agency in Liberty Village has donated a couple of
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Dawn of a New Storm

Our new baseball jerseys arrived today.  I just picked them up at Home Run Sports.  I think they look pretty slick. Here's the new and old, side-by-side. Here's the back.  #11 forever. We hadn't updated our jerseys since 2008, so this is an exciting day.
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This Storm Won't Die

I play on two teams that play slo-pitch in the RSPA.  One of these teams hasn't played weeks.  In fact, I can barely remember playing Intermediate slo-pitch with the Piranhas.  It's been a while. My other team, Raging Storm, plays in the Competitive division, and this Storm won't die.  We
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Where It's At - What a Week!

This has been a week I'll not soon forget.  On Monday morning, I was selected to the jury for a big murder trial.  Then last night, an epic Raging Storm comeback playoff victory.  I can't write about the trial, but I can write about the comeback win. We had two
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My Boner

So, we lost last night. Luckily, it's double knockout rules so we can still win this championship. I pulled a boner in the first game, a serous boner, and it's something I don't remember ever doing before.  I was batting 2nd in the lineup, and I led off the third
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Slo-Pitch Tournament Time

I play for a slo-pitch team in the comp division of the RSPA.  As part of the deal when you play in the RSPA, you have to enter at least one tournament.  This weekend, we'll be paying our dues and competing in the creatively titled RSPA 2010 Summer Slo-Pitch Tournament.
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The 19 Run Inning

Last night, in the first game a double header, we in Raging Storm put up 19 runs in one inning.  We put our collective heads together and couldn't remember ever scoring 19 runs in a single inning. This got me wondering... had 19 runs ever been scored in a single
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Storm's Surprise Semi-final Sweep

Last week, my slo-pitch team stormed back for a come-from-behind quarter-final playoff victory against Game Over.  That set up a semi-final best-of-three series against the Cardinals, a team that had beat us badly in all three regular season meetings. Again, I know only a handful of you care about my
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