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COVID-19 and Me: Toronto Mike'd Podcast Episode 1168

In this 1168th episode of Toronto Mike'd, Mike shares some personal news. This episode is exactly 8:48. You can listen to this episode in a variety of ways: Subscribe via Apple PodcastsSubscribe via Google PodcastsSubscribe via SpotifySubscribe via Podcast AddictSubscribe via StitcherSubscribe via OvercastSubscribe via tuneinSubscribe directly to the
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Stick It In Neutral, Omicron

Omicron is here, and it's as catchy as all hell. One billion Canadians will have this COVID-19 variant by Christmas.... give or take. Truth be told, I checked out of the case counting game long ago. I got my COVID-19 vaccinations as soon as I could, as did my wife
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Fully Vaxxed

On 4/20 (how could I forget that date?) I received my first COVID-19 vaccination shot. Like many Gen Xers in this province, I grabbed myself a shot of AZ. I wanted the first vaccination I could get, and that happened to be AstraZeneca. Eight weeks to the day, I'm
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Frustrated in Ontario

Dear Ann Landers, We've been mired in this COVID-19 pandemic for over 13 months and it feels like we've learned nothing. Yesterday, the Premier of Ontario announced several initiatives to curb the spread of this virus and it makes little sense to me. For example, they're closing playgrounds again. Are
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COVID Fatigue Has Set In

Tomorrow at 5:30pm, we're recording our 52nd Pandemic Friday episode of Toronto Mike'd. That's right, Pandemic Friday will record on a Thursday. Very few Pandemic Friday episodes have actually been recorded on a Friday! But 52 weeks... that's one year. Everything shut down about one year ago. We've been
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How Are You?

How is everybody holding up? We're almost at the 3 month mark of this COVID-19 social distancing order. I've been using Friday the 13th of March 2020 as my marker for the last typical day. My kids were in school that day. My youngest spent the day in daycare. I
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Running Out of Sports Reruns

I'm not really missing sports yet, but that doesn't mean I haven't peeked at some of the sports reruns airing on TSN and Sportsnet this past month. I've seen game 6 of the Leafs and Kings, the Alomar HR off Eckersley and the '92 World Series clincher. I haven't watched
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