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Unveiling Toronto's Creative Spirit Through Unique Sticker Designs

A wall that is completely covered with stickers.Have you ever pondered the stories behind the vibrant custom stickers adorning Toronto's streets? From the bustling city center to hidden alleyways, these stickers hold secrets to be uncovered. Each design whispers tales of the city's creative pulse, showcasing diverse artistic expressions
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Screemers in Vaughan

My oldest daughter and I went to Screemers in Vaughan last night. Screemers is Toronto's oldest halloween event, and is connected to my personal history in a mind blowing way that will be explained fully on Wednesday's episode of Toronto Mike'd. Don'tchadaremissit. 120+ actors are part of the complex -
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Pumpkins After Dark Promo Code to Save 15%: TOMIKE15

There's a new Pumpkins After Dark promo code for Toronto Mike'd listeners. The new promo code is 'TOMIKE15'.  Using it at will save you 15% through August 2023. Pumpkins After Dark is Canada’s award-winning outdoor Halloween event. Featuring over 6,000+ hand-carved pumpkins,
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Behind the Scenes of the John Tory Sex Scandal: Toronto Mike'd Podcast Episode 1202

In this 1202nd episode of Toronto Mike'd, Mike chats with David Rider, the man who led The Toronto Star's investigation into John Tory's affair with a Toronto City Hall staffer. Alternate title: Everything you wanted to know about the John Tory sex scandal reporting (but didn't know who to ask)
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Last month, I received a package from a Toronto Mike'd listener named Jim Shedden. The box included four books and a lengthy letter. One of the books was by Jim himself and Rick Prelinger. That book is titled "I AM HERE: Home Movies and Everyday Masterpieces". Thank you @jimshedden! pic.
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