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Ken Shaw Announces Retirement from CTV Toronto

Ken Shaw, who has been on the air at CFTO / CTV Toronto for forty years, announced his retirement yesterday. His final newscast will be on January 6th. Why January 6? By working into 2020, Ken Shaw gets to make the claim he was at CTV News for parts of six decades.

Many will hear this news and remember stories shared by Christine Bentley, Kevin Frankish and many others on Toronto Mike'd where "retirement" was corporate spin for "fired". I do not believe that's the case here, as rumours of Ken Shaw's retirement from credible sources were fed to me several months ago. Of course, with media companies in perpetual cost cutting mode, we'll never know if Ken was nudged. Regardless, that's a helluva career at one station and Ken deserves the benefit of the doubt.

Now Ken Shaw may be retiring from Toronto's airwaves, but that does not mean I'll be retiring my Ken Shaw impersonation. Look for me to break it out during 12:36's December recap, recording December 30th.

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