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Joey Votto a Toronto Maple Leaf?

This week, Etobicoke's own Joey Votto took to Twitter to let everybody know he's missing ball. Joey Votto is a free agent, and at 40 years of age, eager to play for his home team. missing ball — Joey Votto (@JoeyVotto) March 6, 2024 I have
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Sweeps Week

I don't have a horse left in either race, but if I'm chilling at night, I'll watch the NBA and NHL playoffs. This is especially true now that both leagues are in their respective conference finals. The Lakers lost last night to the Denver Nuggets, who swept the series 4-0.
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Pro Padel League Podcast

Admittedly, I only recently learned about padel. Here's the blurb from Wikipedia. Padel (Spanish: pádel) is a racket sport typically played in doubles on an enclosed court slightly smaller than a doubles tennis court.[1][2] Scoring is the same as normal tennis, and the balls used are similar but
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La Bamba and the Edmonton Oilers

Joey Moss, beloved Edmonton Oilers locker room attendant, passed away in 2020. La Bamba was his favourite song, but not the original by Ritchie Valens. Joey loved the 1987 cover by East L.A. band Los Lobos that was recorded for the film La Bamba, starring Lou Diamond Phillips. In
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Sid the Kid

The first time I wrote about Sidney Crosby was October 6, 2003. He was tearing it up with the Rimouski Oceanic as a 16-year old and I had just read a quote from Wayne Gretzky claiming he was the most talented prospect he'd seen since Mario Lemieux. That got my
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I Prefer My Sports Shallow

I've always loved sports. My first love was the Toronto Blue Jays when I discovered them during the summer of '83. Tom Cheek and Jerry Howarth were my guides and I listened as often as possible. I discovered the Toronto Maple Leafs shortly thereafter, mesmerized by Rick Vaive's scoring touch.
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Amazing Run of Championships

I watched yesterday's Super Bowl in its entirety and it eerily reflected the recent US presidential election. It appeared as if the good guys would win easy until a historical reversal awarded the crown to the other guys. At one point in the third quarter I considered bailing on the
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Cubs Win! Cubs Win!

After 108 years, the Cubs have finally won the World Series. What a game! That's a long drought, and immediately I thought of my Leafs. I've never seen them play in a Stanley Cup final, as their last appearance was in 1967. But there are franchises with far longer droughts
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The Problem with Chief Wahoo

Cleveland swept the BoSox and will face our Jays in the ALCS. It all starts Friday night. I've been intentionally referring to their team as "Cleveland" and not by the nickname "Indians" because I'm not comfortable with it. I know the story of Louis Sockalexis and understand it's meant as
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