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The Jersey

Two years ago today, my friend Mike Kic died. I think about him all the time. Earlier this year, I received a text from his wife. She wanted me to have his #13 Brett Lawrie Blue Jays jersey. I couldn't think of a better way to honour his memory than
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Mike Kic's Voice Mail Greeting

I just learned on Facebook that my pal Jordy is cancelling my buddy Mike Kic's phone plan. Jordy was married to Mike Kic. I say "was" because Mike Kic passed away a little over a year ago. Hearing that Mike Kic's phone plan was being cancelled meant one thing to
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The Raptors have started the season an impressive 5-1, the best start in franchise history. In April, the biggest Raptors fan I knew passed away. His burial spot is not marked by a gravestone or marker, but by a "WE THE NORTH" flag. I'm just sorry he's not here to
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6 Months Without Kic

My buddy Kic died six months ago today. He was one of my favourite people in the world and I really miss him. I'll always know how long it's been since Kic passed because it happened 3 days after my son was born. When Jarvis turns one, I'll know it's
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Mike Kic Goes Bananas

I've been playing ball with Mike Kic for years.  He's one of our three Mikes, and all three can lose their cool on the field now and then.  When competitive people engage in a heated battle, fuses shorten and tempers flare.  The challenge is to ensure the line is never
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