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Berlin Blackface Makes You Cringe

I was just reading about U of T banning a poster promoting The Black-Jew Dialogues, a comedy show "designed to build inter-racial bridges and shatter cultural stereotypes". In Berlin, they seem a little less sensitive to perceived racist posters.  A few weeks ago, while walking the streets of Berlin, I
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Dinner in the Reichstag

The Reichstag in Berlin is where German parliament (the Bundestag) meets.  When they reconstructed it, they added a large glass dome at the very top of the building. I was lucky enough to have dinner in the Reichstag and that gave me a chance to climb this dome and check
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What the Snowman Learned About Erotica

In Berlin, there's a thin line between wholesome and seedy. I wandered the streets tonight, exploring the Berlin underbelly.  As you'd expect, there's an active street walker scene and numerous options for those craving the erotic. What's interesting is how seamlessly you walk from the Erotik-Museum to giant kid-friendly snowman.
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