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The LG G2 is One Fast Smartphone

When people ask me which smartphone I recommend, I tell them the truth.  I prefer a device running Android and thoroughly enjoy my old Samsung Galaxy and my wife's Samsung Galaxy S III.  If someone were to gift me a new smartphone today, I'd ask that it be the Samsung
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My New Phone

I mentioned I needed a new phone.  You guys had some great suggestions, with some lobbying hard for iPhone and others making a great case for Android.  One guy, my bud BlackBerry Ry, even tried to get me to remain in the BlackBerry game. I ended up getting a Samsung
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Motorola XOOM Review

I've been enjoying Motorola's Xoom tablet running Android 3.1 Honeycomb since August.  I'm trying to play with as many iPad challengers as possible in my little Tablet Talent Show.  So far I've reviewed a Touchpad from HP, a Playbook from RIM and now a XOOM from Motorola. First things
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Android TO Conference

I work with a very persistent young lady who really, really wants me to promote the Android TO conference.  Sorry... I've just been told it's actually the AndroidTO conference.  My bad. Coincidentally, I'm days away from reviewing the Motorola Xoom, a tablet running Android.  The Xoom is my first foray
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