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Cherry Hawks: Champions

I played in the Swansea Hockey Association when I was young.  I played until I was 13 and I never won the championship once.  In fact, my strongest memory is going winless one season while playing for the CN Towers. I returned to playing ice hockey several years ago, be
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Hat Trick Hero

I'm playing out the tail end of my second season of hockey after a 21 year hiatus. I'm on the ice every Friday night, working my ass off and having a blast.  Although my skating needs work, I'm pretty decent with the puck and I'm usually good for two goals
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The Thrill of the Ice

Last fall, I joined a rec hockey team and played on ice for the first time since I was thirteen.  Despite separating my shoulder in January, I had a blast. We kick things off again this season on October 2nd, but this afternoon I'm joining a scrimmage to shake off
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My First Composite Stick

When I returned to playing hockey after a 21-year absence, I bought myself a wooden stick for $9.99 at Canadian Tire.  That stick lasted me until last Friday when it finally broke. When a wood stick lasts you almost five months, it's a good indication you don't have much
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Time Healed This Wound

A little over a month ago, I suffered a first degree left shoulder separation.  It was my first separated shoulder, and I had no idea how the healing process would go.  The doctor told me it would take eight weeks to heal and I could start playing sports again whenever
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My First Upper Body Injury

I play a lot of sports, and always give the proverbial 110%, so injuries are nothing new to me.  Three different times I've broken bones in my legs, I've torn my ACL and I've suffered a complete shutdown of the posterior kinetic chain that plagues me to this day.  Until
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Goal Three: Score a Goal

I just finished my third week of recreational hockey.  The goal in week #1 was to survive, and my modest goal in week #2 was to accept the fact I wasn't Mario Lemieux.  Tonight, I wanted to score. I don't remember scoring a single goal in my entire house league
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Goal One: Survive

Tonight I play my first game of hockey on ice in 21 years. I had a helmet, skates, stick and jock strap, and woodpeck, a reader of this blog, set me up with the rest of the gear.  Thanks, woodpeck! My primary objective tonight is to survive.  If I accomplish
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