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Do the Work, Don

I do a lot over here at TMDS. First off, there's my flagship podcast Toronto Mike'd. For that show I book and schedule guests, conduct the research, host, record and publish the episode. Then there's the post-drop promotion on social media and Then, there's my clients... and a great deal of that is fun and stimulating, but sometimes it feels like work.

When I have less-thrilling work to do, I schedule the tasks in my calendar and promptly think of something more creative I could be doing. That's when I hear Freddy Rumsen from Mad Men's voice in my head. I hear him saying "Do the work, Don".

Freddy was played by Joel Murray, the younger brother of actors Bill Murray, Brian Doyle-Murray, and John Murray. Most people know he's Bill Murray's brother, but did you know he's the original voice of Chester Cheetah?

He's just a cool dude in a loose mood.

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