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Toronto Mike'd Podcast Episode 102.1: George Stroumboulopoulos

In this 103rd episode, re-branded episode 102.1 by marketing, Mike chats with George Stroumboulopoulos about his years at The Fan 590, CFNY Edge 102, MuchMusic, CBC and his current gig at Hockey Night in Canada. There are laughs, tears, The Wire references and almost two hours of open and
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Thoughts on 102.1 Tribute to Martin Streek, Shitty Facts, Closure Sought

I just listened to the 3-hour tribute to Martin Streek aired on CFNY / Edge 102.  Actually, I missed the first 10 minutes, because I wasn't planning to tune in, but then curiosity got the better of me. Tomorrow night marks two weeks since Martin Streek took his own life.  Yesterday
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