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Pearl Jam Twenty Soundtrack

Billboard has a great synopsis of the Pearl Jam Twenty soundtrack. The die-hards have probably already seen it.  If you're one of those early birds, please don't give away the ending.  I want to see this. "Release" (from Sept. 16, 2006 Verona, Italy)"Written shortly after Eddie Vedder's arrival in
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Your Pearl Jam Primer

I'm writing this Pearl Jam primer off the top of my head, because I was there and I remember. For me, Pearl Jam flew in under a cloud of Nirvana dust.  My ear buds were freaking out over Nirvana's Nevermind when our local alt rock station, CFNY, started playing Pearl
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Vedder Wins Golden Globe

The 65th annual Golden Globe Awards were awesome, weren't they?  The biggest casualty of the writer's strike to date, the Golden Globes were awarded via some kind of a press conference thing.  It somehow seems fitting that Eddie Vedder would win in a year when the pomp and circumstance is
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Eddie Vedder's Big Hard Sun

Coach  Carter made sure I had the MP3 of Eddie Vedder's solo song from the Into The Wild soundtrack.  As I was listening to it for the first time, I realized it wasn't an Eddie original but a song I had heard many times on local radio stations.  It was
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Pearl Jam - Daughter: The AT&T Edit

AT&T's webcast of Lollapalooza is making the news this week because Eddie Vedder's anti-Bush rant was censored during Pearl Jam's performance of "Daughter".  Pearl Jam, my favourite non-Canadian band, always tags on another song at the end of "Daughter".  On this night, they tagged on Pink Floyd's "Another
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Vedder's Busy Makin' Music

Eddie Vedder's been busy with his solo stuff.  He's finishing some new music for the upcoming Sean Penn-directed film "Into the Wild" and an album of his songs is due in September.  Vedder likes to work on Penn films.  He's all over the "Dead Man Walking" soundtrack and he recorded
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