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Jim Hughson Retires

Jim Hughson, who has been calling hockey games since the early 80s, has announced his retirement from broadcasting. Last season, he only called home games for the Vancouver Canucks. After 42 years, Hall of Fame PxP commentator Jim Hughson has announced his retirement from broadcasting. As one of Canada'
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Pam Seatle No Longer on Citytv

On January 19, 2010, I wrote about mass firings at Citytv. The two biggest names to be let go that day were Anne Mroczkowski and Laura DiBattista, but there were others, including Pam Seatle. Only Pam Seatle was quickly rehired and continued as a CityNews reporter and anchor on Citytv
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Bob McKenzie Retires.... sort of

Following tonight's NHL Draft Lottery, Bob McKenzie enters the next phase of his professional life, leaving the day-to-day grind for semi-retirement. It's not a full retirements because he'll still be doing TSN's draft rankings three times a year, he'll still be covering the World Junior Hockey Championships, and he'll still
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Corus Cuts

Corus made cuts across the country today. Among those getting the bad news were Jennifer Valentyne, Anthony Bruno and Rob Leth. There were also cuts in the Corus podcasting world. I found out this morning that @rp_browne and I have been laid off, effective immediately, and that after 276
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Major Cuts at Toronto Star

If you've been paying attention to the 12:36 episodes of Toronto Mike'd, we've talked quite a bit lately about the demise of the entertainment section in the Toronto Star. Marc thought an end-of-2019 piece about podcasting featuring yours truly might be the last of its kind. I brought this
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