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Phoenix Saturdays Reunion!

Last night, I attended the Phoenix Saturays Reunion celebrating Martin Streek and 30 years of Phoenix Saturday Nights. Let's do the time warp again! You can go home againUnlike the recent 35th anniversary of Electric Cicus I attended recently, I actually did dance at the Phoenix for many of these
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March 1, 1990's Humble and Fred Show on CFNY: Toronto Mike'd Podcast Episode 1319

In this 1319th episode of Toronto Mike'd, Mike shares audio he uncovered from CFNY on March 1, 1990. This episode is exactly 1:04:27. You can listen to this episode in a variety of ways: Subscribe via Apple PodcastsSubscribe via Google PodcastsSubscribe via SpotifySubscribe via Podcast AddictSubscribe via OvercastSubscribe
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The Ongoing History of CFNY: Toronto Mike'd Podcast Episode 1021

In this 1021st episode of Toronto Mike'd, Mike dives deep into the ongoing history of 102.1 CFNY with David Marsden, Ivar Hamilton, Liz Janik, Scot Turner, Maie Pauts, Fred Patterson, Leslie Kross, Alan Cross, Captain Phil Evans, Dani Elwell, Humble Howard Glassman, Rob Johnston, Bob Willette and Jay Brody.
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CFNY-NOT?: Toronto Mike'd Podcast Episode 933 #PPMM

In this 933rd episode, the inaugural episode of The Progressing Past of Modern Melodies, Toronto Mike, Brother Bill and Cam Gordon chat with special guest Ivar Hamilton about why some songs were played by CFNY and why some songs were left off the playlist. This episode is exactly 1:53:
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