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Toronto Mike discusses various issues of the day and chats with interesting guests about the serious and not-so-serious. It's authentic controlled chaos with a Toronto spin.

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Al Mair, Derek Emerson & Chris Turner: Toronto Mike'd Podcast Episode 1086

In this 1086th episode of Toronto Mike'd, Mike is joined by Attic Records co-founder Alexander Mair and two authors of Eve of Darkness – Heavy Metal in Toronto in the 1980s, Derek Emerson and Chris Turner. Topics include Gordon Lightfoot, Triumph, Anvil, Killer Dwarfs, Lee Aaron, Razor, Maestro Fresh-Wes, Weird Al
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Gord Stellick and Damien Cox: Toronto Mike'd Podcast Episode 1084

In this 1084th episode of Toronto Mike'd, Mike reunites Gord Stellick and Damien Cox. This episode is exactly 1:48:08. You can listen to this episode in a variety of ways: Subscribe via Apple PodcastsSubscribe via Google PodcastsSubscribe via SpotifySubscribe via Podcast AddictSubscribe via StitcherSubscribe via OvercastSubscribe via tuneinSubscribe
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