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Sports I Enjoy on Television

I used to spend more time watching sports on television. To be frank, I had more time for television! Today, I'm raising four kids, running my own business, and biking for 90+ minutes every day. That doesn't leave a lot of time for TV.

As I write, late into my fifth decade on the planet, here's the sports I enjoy watching on TV, in no particular order. Please note, that when it comes to the Olympics, both summer and winter, I'll watch anything. I love watching the Olympics. So that's where I get my skating, swimming, snowboarding and bobsledding fix.


I watch the World Cup, the Euros, Canada's mens team now that they're great fun and competitive, and TFC playoff matches. That's it when it comes to men's soccer. I'll watch Women's soccer in the Olympics, and World Cup, when Canada is playing.


I used to watch a lot of tennis on TV, but now I'm only interested when it's a major and a Canadian is playing or it's a big final or semi-final featuring someone like Roger Federer or Rafael Nadal.


I watch almost no golf on television. If it's the Sunday of a major, and something big is happening, like Tiger Woods in in the mix or a Canadian is leading, I might tune it, but that's about it. Watching golf bores me.


I used to watch Indy races back in the day, but stopped when they had that split with CART. I never tune in now, and have never seen an F1 race or NASCAR. I'm just not interested, but I do enjoy Sunday morning Twitter during an F1 race when many of the people I follow get excited.


I will watch Blue Jays baseball and the MLB playoffs. But that is a lot of baseball.


Much like baseball, I watch the home team Maple Leafs and the NHL playoffs. And like baseball, I watch a lot of hockey on television. I'll also watch Canada in the world junior tournament and our women in gold medal games against the USA.


Not to sound like a broken record, but most of the basketball I watch on television is my Raptors and the NBA playoffs. Otherwise, outside of the Olympics, it's just March Madness.

Track and Field

Outside of the Olympics, I'll only tune into the World Championships.


25 years ago, I'd watch plenty of football on television, but now I only tune in to watch the NFL playoffs, and Argos playoff games. And the Grey Cup, of course. I still watch that.

Horse Racing

I get drawn into high stakes races, like the Kentucky Derby, Preakness, Belmont Stakes or Queen's Plate.


Outside of the Olympics, if it's a lazy weekend morning and the Tour de France is airing, I'll tune in because I like to see the countryside while I sip my coffee.

The Rest

Again, with the Olympics being the great exception, that's it for me and televised sports. I don't watch rugby or cricket or MMA. I never acquired a taste for curling. I don't stop and watch darts, billiards or bowling.

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