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Cutty: Reformed and Respected

I'm ploughing my way through The Wire a second time.  I should wrap up season four this weekend.  Dare I say The Greatest Show On Television, Ever™ is even better the second time? The first time around, I listed my ten favourite characters on The Wire, but that list will
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It's All In The Game

It's been almost two years since I finished my first viewing of The Wire, a.k.a, The Greatest Show On Television, Ever™. A couple of days later, I was asking where the hell I go from there.  Watching The Wire pretty much ruined television for me.  Since then, I've
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David Mills, Dead at 48

David Mills was 48. He was the award-winning TV writer and producer whose credits included celebrated series such as The Wire, Homicide: Life on the Street and ER. I will be eternally grateful for his collaborations with David Simon, especially The Wire, The Greatest Show On Television, Ever™.
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Greatest Quotes from The Wire

The Greatest Show On Television, Ever™ a.k.a. The Wire is never far from my mind.  Thanks to all who have sent me links to the 100 Greatest Quotes from The Wire on YouTube.  I tweeted about it in November, but I never gave it the spotlight it deserves.
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Omar Little Had Respect Since Day 1

Before the final series of The Wire aired, HBO released three prequel shorts produced by Wire creator David Simon, exploring the backstory for the characters Prop Joe, Omar, and William ''Bunk'' Moreland. Omar Little is the single greatest character in the history of television.  The Wire is overflowing with amazing
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Ranking The Wire Theme Songs

The Greatest Show On Television, Ever™ used Tom Waits' "Down In A Hole" as its theme song.  Each season featured a different artist singing the song. Here's how I rank the five versions of "Down In A Hole" that accompanied the opening credits for each season of The Wire. 5.
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Omar Listenin'

It's come to my attention that I haven't blogged about The Wire all week.  It's time to correct that oversight. This is my favourite character on The Wire, Omar Little, and Brother Mouzone.  The scene opens with Omar whistling "A Huntin' We Will Go" and closes with "Omar listenin'".  Stafford,
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