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My Favourite Toronto Sports Moments

I've been following Toronto sports closely for almost 40 years. Ok, 37 years to be specific, but I prefer round numbers.

Now that I've had a couple of sleeps since witnessing The Shot, I find myself literally stuck in that moment. That shot was a true moment. It was a high arching buzzer-beater with some lengthy rim bounces that made it feel like time stood still for a few seconds. Kawhi took the shot and we all watched and waited to see if it would fall. It did, and the Raps advanced to the conference finals.

True, we're only halfway there, but that was the first buzzer-beater to end a game seven in NBA history. That's literally never happened before, and I can't personally remember a buzzer-beater in any game with that much bounce and suspense. I still can't believe it fell, but it did. Right?

I just checked the replay for the 529th time to confirm it did indeed fall. I haven't felt this jazzed about a moment in Toronto sports since Joey Bats flipped his bat in that crazy seventh inning. That wasn't that long ago, so now I'm thinking of where Kawhi's shot ranks in terms of Toronto sports moments.

Here's my top ten. Feel free to agree or disagree in the comments, just know this is a personal list of moments that have happened since I started following Toronto sports. I watched every one of these moments live and remember the feeling. Every time I question why I give a shit about sports, I remember these feelings...

  1. Joe touchin' them all
  2. Kawhi's shot
  3. Timlin to Carter
  4. Joey Bats' bat flip
  5. Borschevsky
  6. Edwin's wildcard walkoff
  7. Gilmour's wraparound
  8. Alomar's HR off Eckersley
  9. Ed Spague's World Series HR
  10. George Bell catching '85 AL East clincher
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