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Toronto Popularity Contest: Argos vs. TFC

I'm writing this entry out of frustration. My pal Freddie P thinks I'm "a fool" because I told him TFC was more popular in Toronto than the Argos. In my humble opinion, TFC is more popular than the Argonauts in this city. Fred, obviously, strongly disagrees.

Fred bases 100% of his argument on the fact the Argos get higher national television ratings. He has no other metric to point to, and he's correct in that an Argos game will be credited with many more eyeballs than a TFC match across this fine nation. But those numbers are national in a ratings system that heavily favours an older demographic. Every other metric, anecdotal evidence and common sense tells you Fred is dreaming in technicolour.

Very quickly, in this moment of frustration, I tweeted the following:

In Toronto, which team has the largest fan base? TFC or Argos? My friend is adamant the Argos do and I'm adamant he's lost his mind.— Toronto Mike (@torontomike) October 27, 2016

There were many responses validating my opinion.

@torontomike @dalter @paulosenra trust me it's TFC I've heard more TFC chants at Argo games this year than Argo chants— Jason (@JHagholm1) October 27, 2016
@torontomike 2016 average attendance says a lot. Whether that's paid tix or gate unknown, but more are going 2 BMO for TFC. Bigger fan base.— Lee Godfrey (@levongodfrey) October 27, 2016
@torontomike I respect the Argos history and wish they had more support but there is no comparison. TFC by miles.— James (@JamesD_TO) October 27, 2016
@torontomike i think your friend might be trolling you. And lost his mind.— Joe Manocchio (@joelapalooza) October 27, 2016
@torontomike He's lost his mind. Just look at fan attendance for one. Then ask abt season subscribers.— Francis Low (@frlowca) October 27, 2016
@torontomike if your friend thinks Borden is still Prime Minister then it will all add up to you.— Justin Clevett (@Clevareno) October 27, 2016
@torontomike TFC by far— Jason (@JHagholm1) October 27, 2016
@torontomike its for sure TFC— Tim (@tokum23) October 27, 2016
@torontomike Toronto FC. The Argos have lost their appeal in this city.— Andrew Sheehy (@andrewsheehy228) October 27, 2016
@torontomike He has lost his mind.  The Argos and the CFL do not exist in Toronto.  TSN CFL ratings are not coming from the GTA.— Mark Hill (@Inhocmark) October 27, 2016
@torontomike No contest - TFC— MattCundill (@MattCundill) October 27, 2016
@originaljcl @torontomike it is hands-down the Toronto FC— J. Inacio (@JInacio18) October 27, 2016

There were a couple of tweets referring to the aforementioned national television ratings, which is undeniable, but the overwhelming majority think Fred has lost his marbles.

In Toronto, the 416 Toronto with John Tory as mayor, which team has more fans: TFC or Argos?

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