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Are Expos Fans Rooting For or Against the Nationals?

The Washington Nationals are a win away from their first World Series appearance. It won't just be the Nats first World Series, but the franchise's first World Series. Prior to moving to Washington for the 2005 season they were the Montreal Expos.

As a kid, I'd read the Toronto Star's sports section every day, and they'd bold Montreal's placement in the NL East as if it were our other home team. There were only the two franchises in my country: my Blue Jays and the Expos de Montréal. Carter, Dawson, Raines, Martinez, Walker... there were some fun teams in the 80s and 90s.

With the Nationals playing so well, I've been wondering how I'd feel about it if I had grown up a diehard Expos fan instead of a diehard Jays fan. I think I'd be rooting against them, hoping the Washington fans experienced nothing but misery. There's no way I'd be rooting for them to win for their new home town.

Are Expos fans rooting for or against the Nationals?

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