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Cubs Win! Cubs Win!

After 108 years, the Cubs have finally won the World Series. What a game!

That's a long drought, and immediately I thought of my Leafs. I've never seen them play in a Stanley Cup final, as their last appearance was in 1967. But there are franchises with far longer droughts than my Leafs.

Here are teams franchises with longer championship droughts than the Toronto Maple Leafs.

  1. Arizona Cardinals since 1947
  2. Cleveland's MLB team since 1948
  3. Sacramento Kings since 1951
  4. Detroit Lions since 1957
  5. Atlanta Hawks since 1958
  6. Philadelphia Eagles since 1960
  7. Texas Rangers since 1961
  8. Tennessee Titans since 1961
  9. Houston Astros since 1962
  10. San Diego Chargers since 1963
  11. Buffalo Bills since 1965
  12. Atlanta Falcons since 1966

Yes, I've included franchises that have relocated or rebranded, because it makes me feel better. Someday, we'll go all the way, too.

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