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I just got an email from a loyal reader who enjoys "all entries except the ones about sports."  She thinks I've had way too many sports-related entries lately and she'd like me to write less about sports and more about "other stuff".

Here are the last 40 entries I've posted on this site.  I've put a bold S next to the sports-related ones.

14 of the last 40 entries were primarily about sports.  That's a little over 1/3.  I wrote this person back and told her I just sorta write about what's on my mind, and with the Leafs resurgence and spring training, I've been going heavier on the Leafs and Jays lately.

I also told her to avoid this site for the rest of the day because I've got a pretty cheesy Jays bit from 1984 to share and I might just throw down a Raptors entry about why I'm happy Chris Bosh is out and we're getting slaughtered.

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