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Podcast Potpourri

It's the dog days of summer, so here's some podcast stuff for the curious.

Firstly, those who thought the folding Costco chairs podcast guests had to sit on should be upgraded will be happy to know that's happening today. Blue Sky Agency in Liberty Village has donated a couple of beauts and I'll be adding them to the podcast studio tonight. According to the schedule, Colin D'Mello from CTV will be the first to sit in them.

And I know they're great chairs because they weigh a ton!

This summer, I've started a new series of podcasts I call "Kick Out the Jams!". That exclamation mark is very, very important. Some love these episodes (as do I), but I've had some feedback that they miss the regular style episodes.

Admittedly, there have been a lot of KOTJ episodes lately, but this is primarily because it's tough to get a new guest to visit during these dog days of summer. Larry Fedoruk, Alex Pierson, Michael Hainsworth, Ziggy and Bob Mackowycz were regular episodes, and Colin D'Mello next week will be a deep dive, and come September there will be more of these. KOTJ episodes are just so damn fun, and a great way for a guest to return for a brief catch-up, so I'll be continuing those as well.

As always, in an effort to please everyone, I'll please nobody. :)

Here are some important podcast links I'd like you to be aware of.

If you experience any technical issues with the podcast, or would like me to make a change to the way I write the metadata or create the MP3, this is a great place to share.

Thanks for listening to Toronto Mike'd!

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Mike Kic, 1980-2014

Shadow Kic

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It Was The Best of Times...

Yesterday, was a great day. In fact, it was one of those all-time wonderful days that I'll remember forever. I enjoyed my first day with baby Jarvis and got to introduce James and Michelle to their new brother.

It was awesome.

Me and My Brood

At about 6pm, James, Michelle and I decided to make the trip from St. Joe's to Princess Margaret to visit my good friend Mike Kic. In his room on the 17th floor, Michelle told the story of how she named Jarvis, James promised everyone he wouldn't beat me up when he's bigger than me, and I reminisced with Mike Kic about our days playing ball together, this Raptors team he sold me on and shared the story of Jarvis's birth.

Then, when it was time to go, Kic and I exchanged exploding fist-bumps, as we have every week of every summer for well over a decade. It was likely our 300th fist-bump, and our last.

And that's what the kids and I talked about on the ride back to St. Joe's. One day you're saying hello to someone who will be a key part of your life forever, the next you're saying goodbye to a dear friend.

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Female Slo-Pitch Players Needed

Female Slo-Pitch Players WantedMy slo-pitch team, Raging Storm, has only one commited female player for this summer. To play in our league, we need a few more.

We play in the west end. If we go back to the league we played in last season, we're talking the Powerade Centre near Kennedy and Derry. I'd tell you what night we play, but we aren't quite sure yet.

We've played together every summer for a very long time and I'd hate to see us skip a year because we only have one female. If you're a female who wants to play slo-pitch with me this summer, please let me know. Fun is guaranteed.

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Mike Kic's Battle Starts Now #kiccancer

Mike Kic's Battle Starts Now #kiccancerI've played on the same slo-pitch team for well over a decade now. Some of the parts change, but the core of this team has stayed intact since the early 2000s. As I bounced around the infield, there's only been one man in left field, and that's been Mike Kic.

In addition to being Storm's left fielder, Mike Kic is one of the very best people I know. When Mike Kic married fellow Storm teammate Jordy in 2008, I was honoured to be there. In addition to being a dear friend, Mike Kic is also bananas. I wouldn't have got married in June without him in attendance.


Mike Kic was recently diagnosed with stage IV esophageal cancer. On Friday, he begins treatment. The fight is on so I'm going to do what I've always done when Mike Kic prepares to battle. I'm betting on Kic.


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Another Ball Season Kicks Off Tonight

Another Ball Season Kicks Off TonightI've been playing with the same slo-pitch team for well over a decade now. We've had a few names, from Hooray For Everything to Raging Storm and now simply Storm, but it's been the same core group since the beginning.

Tonight, we kick off our season. This is one annual ritual I've grown to embrace, despite the fact I've lost some range. Some will argue I never had much range, but it was only 8-years ago I played SS for this team. Feels like yesterday...

Storm: I'll see you all tonight. I'll do my very best to flash a little leather at 3rd base and make that long throw to first, and hopefully make some good contact at the plate after a long, harsh winter. But no guarantees... I'm an old man.

Tools of the Trade

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Dawn of a New Storm

New Slopitch JerseysOur new baseball jerseys arrived today. I just picked them up at Home Run Sports. I think they look pretty slick.

Here's the new and old, side-by-side.

2012-07-04 13.35.45.jpg

Here's the back. #11 forever.

2012-07-04 13.52.29.jpg

We hadn't updated our jerseys since 2008, so this is an exciting day.

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Brampton Extreme Slopitch League vs. RSPA

Brampton Extreme Slopitch LeagueMy slo-pitch team has been playing in the RSPA for several years now, but we're looking for a change. The RSPA doesn't have a set schedule, and often it will be Friday before you know what time and night you're playing the following week. It's tough to plan a summer when you have no idea which night you're playing each week.

One league we're looking at is the Brampton Extreme Slopitch League. The entire schedule is posted before the season begins and most games will take place at the Powerade Centre in Brampton. It sounds promising, but I'd love to hear from some folks who play in the Brampton Extreme Slopitch League.

If you play in the Brampton Extreme Slopitch League, let me know what you think of it.

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This Storm Won't Die

BaseballI play on two teams that play slo-pitch in the RSPA. One of these teams hasn't played weeks. In fact, I can barely remember playing Intermediate slo-pitch with the Piranhas. It's been a while.

My other team, Raging Storm, plays in the Competitive division, and this Storm won't die. We keep playing and playing in a double-knockout playoff structure that's far too complex for mere mortals to understand. All I know is we'll keep playing until we lose twice or win it all. Whichever happens first.

We played in the pouring rain last night. By the middle of game two, the puddle was up to our ankles when we stepped to the plate. My shoes are soaked. And we play two more games tonight.

Rumour has it a win tonight puts us in the finals against the Hawks, starting next week. Storm... you know what to do.

Mr. T

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What's Wrong With Storm? (This Entry Will Bore You)

baseballI play for two teams in the RSPA. Some tell me this isn't allowed, but I got special permission from the commissioner. Besides, one team is in the Competitive division while the other one is Intermediate. There's no overlap.

That Comp team is Storm, formerly known as Raging Storm, and originally known as Hooray For Everything. The core of this team has been together for about a decade now, and we've been very successful. Just last season we made the finals of the highest co-ed division in the biggest slo-pitch league in West Toronto / Mississauga. Yes, we're getting tee-shirts that say that.

Something's very wrong this year. Last week, we were mercied, and we started to implode. Last night, up by six runs in the last inning, we coughed it up. Three errors did us in. We've lost six in a row.

Remember when Canada's hockey team finished poorly in the '98 Olympics? There were symposiums held to fix what ailed our men's hockey program. I'm thinking we need a symposium. We've got to fix this.

Something's wrong with Storm. I warned you this entry would bore you...

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