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Your Starting Third Baseman...


I've got a double header tonight with Raging Storm, my comp division slo-pitch team.  This year, I'm just play ball for Storm.  Engell is wearing the Cito hat, and he's got me starting at third base tonight.

I grew up in love with playing shortstop.  The SS is the quarterback of the infield and, in my opinion, the sexiest position in baseball.  I played SS for Storm until I gracefully moved to 1B.  Kids with better range and stronger arms should play SS, not old farts like me.

I have never played an inning at 3B, except for maybe a few in the beer league when someone else demanded a turn at SS.  I'm excited about fielding some sharp grounders, I'm just worried about my arm.

In honour of my first game at 3B, here are the starting third basemen in Toronto Blue Jays history.

  • Roy Howell (1977-80)
  • Danny Ainge (1981)
  • Garth Iorg (1982)
  • Rance Mulliniks (1983-86)
  • Kelly Gruber (1987-92)
  • Ed Sprague (1993-98)
  • Tony Fernández (1999)
  • Tony Batista (2000-01)
  • Eric Hinske (2002-04)
  • Corey Koskie (2005)
  • Troy Glaus (2006-07)
  • Scott Rolen (2008–present)
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