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Where It's At - What a Week!


This has been a week I'll not soon forget.  On Monday morning, I was selected to the jury for a big murder trial.  Then last night, an epic Raging Storm comeback playoff victory.  I can't write about the trial, but I can write about the comeback win.

We had two games against The Naturals.  It's cumulative score, so you can think of it as a 14 inning game with an intermission after 7.  After the first game, we were down by six runs.  That meant we had to win game #2 by 7 runs in order to make the RSPA comp division finals next week.  If we won by 6 or less, or lost outright, our season would be over.

Early in game 2, a close call at the plate went against us, and my buddy Kic lost his cool.  One f-bomb at the ump and he was tossed.  That didn't just mean losing his glove and hot bat, that meant that every time we reached his spot in the order, we had to take an automatic out.  So there we were down an all-star, getting an automatic out and having to beat a great team by 7 runs.

Without boring you to tears with the dramatic details, let's just say it went into the 10th inning.  That's three innings with the special SPN playoff extra innings rule: starting with one out and a runner on second base.  We kept trading runs until we pulled out the unbelievable upset comeback victory, winning by 7.  Raging Storm is in the finals!

And just now, I see Jose Bautista has hit #47.  My man George has company.

What a week...

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