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What's Wrong With Storm? (This Entry Will Bore You)


I play for two teams in the RSPA.  Some tell me this isn't allowed, but I got special permission from the commissioner.  Besides, one team is in the Competitive division while the other one is Intermediate.  There's no overlap.

That Comp team is Storm, formerly known as Raging Storm, and originally known as Hooray For Everything.  The core of this team has been together for about a decade now, and we've been very successful.  Just last season we made the finals of the highest co-ed division in the biggest slo-pitch league in West Toronto / Mississauga.  Yes, we're getting tee-shirts that say that.

Something's very wrong this year.  Last week, we were mercied, and we started to implode.  Last night, up by six runs in the last inning, we coughed it up.  Three errors did us in.  We've lost six in a row.

Remember when Canada's hockey team finished poorly in the '98 Olympics?  There were symposiums held to fix what ailed our men's hockey program.  I'm thinking we need a symposium.  We've got to fix this.

Something's wrong with Storm.  I warned you this entry would bore you...

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