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Strange Outs During a Sweet Sweep


My slo-pitch team played a double header last night.  We won both games in a sweet sweep, but this entry isn't about that.  This is about the two times I was called out on the basepaths.

Jimmy the Ump calls a good game, and is a stickler for the rulebook.  On one play, I got to third before I was held by our third base coach, Mofo.  Before time was called, Mofo affectionately patted my back.  I was called out for interference by our third base coach.  In my illustrious career I've never seen that called.

Later, in game two, I was at second base.  This league has a no lead-off rule, but you can run on "anticipation".  Apparently, while at third, I lifted my foot off the the base for a second.  It was a vertical move, I wasn't "leading off" by any stretch of the imagination.  Yes, Jimmy the Ump called me out for leading off. I've never been called on that one either.

In the parking lot, after the game, Jimmy the Ump saw me as he was getting into his car.  Once again, he glared at me and called me out. It was one of those nights.

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