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My Boner


So, we lost last night. Luckily, it's double knockout rules so we can still win this championship.

I pulled a boner in the first game, a serous boner, and it's something I don't remember ever doing before.  I was batting 2nd in the lineup, and I led off the third inning. I hit a single, advanced to second and with Mofo at the plate, I completely believed there were two outs.  In my head, I batted second, and counted the lead-off batter as the first out.  So when Tink popped out, there were two away.  Or so I believed...

Mofo hit a long fly ball, but with two out I was running full out on contact.  I was four feet from home plate when I heard a teammate yell "there's only one out!".

Mofo's ball was caught and I was easily doubled up.  I swear I thought there were two outs!!!!  I've never pulled a boner like that before, but I did last night, in game one of the playoffs.

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