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Slo-Pitch Season 2009 Edition Begins


I play for two different slo-pitch teams, and they couldn't be more different.  Tonight's my first practice of the season and I've got a couple of games Tuesday night.  Once more, it begins...

The Comp Team

I've played for Raging Storm since the 90s.  We started out as Hooray For Everything before changing names at some point.  We're currently playing in the Competitive division in the RSPA.  I managed this team the past two seasons and have passed the reigns to another Mike for 2009.

We in Raging Storm have probably been too competitive for our own good.  At least three of us are hot heads out there and ready to battle, literally.  Our dust ups are legendary, and sometimes the best fights have been teammate vs. teammate.  Hi Fay!

Here's the Raging Storm home page.

The Beer League Team

I've played in this small Etobicoke beer league for about the same period of time.  Last season I left my team and started up a new team in the league.  We call ourselves the Piranhas and we suck.  When I'm the best offensive and defensive player on the team, you'd better be playing in a recreational beer league.

But damn it's fun.  You want to win, but it doesn't really matter if you lose.  I manage the team and host practices in which we work on our fundamentals.  Tonight is practice #1 of 2009.

The thrill of the grass...

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