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Big Mo

Ever since I moved into my current home almost five years ago, I've mowed my lawns with a manual push mower. The trick, I've learned, is to do it frequently, because it can be difficult if the grass gets too high. My neighbour is going through a rough patch and
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This and That

On Saturday morning I was bundling up the little one for a walk to a local brunch establishment when I couldn't stop myself from taking a picture. She'll be one on Wednesday and I know all too well how quickly they grow. So I snapped a picture with my LG
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When a Marketing Plan Falters

The marketing folks at Budweiser Canada have red goal lights and glasses in homes across this country. With the World Cup of Hockey beginning for Canada last night, there was a mighty push to get people talking about these red lights. I was even sent a glass. .@budcanada has sent
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45 RPM Adapter

Former CFNY deejay Pete Fowler has a radio show entitled The Lost Indie City and he sells tee shirts with a big yellow 45 rpm adapter on it to promote the program. I've got one, and wear it often. It's a fantastic conversation piece. It never fails that when I
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Cutting Onions

There's a Tim Hortons ad on television where the old man saves cups to commemorate life events. A guy discovers his secret box of old cups and at the end, the old guy adds one more. That's when they want me to tear up. But I never do. There's something
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I was listening to the latest episode of Terry O'Reilly's Under the Influence during my ride today, and he told a story about Certs. I remember Certs as the "two mints in one" candy. Then, in 1994, the artist formerly known as Maestro Fresh Wes released "Certs Wid Out Da
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Birtday [sic] Parties!

Remember when I wrote about the copmputer [sic] repair shop near my home? Well, there's a new place opening a few doors down, and this one is even worse. That's right, the brand new signage encourages you to book your birtday [sic] party or event with them. I don't know
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