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5 Things you must do when Visiting Toronto


There are few locations in  this world that offer the diversity of Canada, which combines staggering natural  beauty and wonders with bustling, metropolitan cities. This is why Canada  remains popular not only among those with a desire to travel and see more of  the world, but also individuals who wish to relocate for the purposes of work.

If there is one city or  region of Canada that embodies this, it is Toronto. A central hub for both  commerce and adventure for Canada, Toronto is home to some of Canada's most beautiful landmarks and it is one of the first  ports of call for any international visitors (regardless of their origin).

1. The  Toronto Islands

Just a quick ferry ride from  the centre of the city, the Toronto Islands are a small chain of picturesque  islands that provide the perfect break from a bustling town. With long  stretches of golden coastline, sun-kissed shores and tranquil lakes, this is a  wonderful site and one that is tailor-made for those who love nature.

2. St.  Lawrence Market

This sensational marketplace  has been a neighbourhood meeting place for more than 200 years, while it is  surrounding by historic, restored buildings and some of the world's most famous  speciality food stalls. The old city council chambers have also been remodelled  as an exhibition centre, which includes rotating displays of paintings, iconic  photography and some relevant, historical relics.

3. The  Casino Rama

From the city centre, you can  take a two hour trek to find Casino Rama, which is one of Canada's most popular  gaming hubs. With over 2500 slot machines and an incredible diversity of daily,  live entertainment, the Casino Rama is a bustling location that has plenty to  offer visitors regardless of their preferences. For virtual gamblers who have  benefited from the rise of trusted  online casinos in the UK, this resort may offer the ideal chance to try out a  bricks and mortar establishment.

4. The  AGO, Art Gallery of Ontario

The AGO is an excellent  example of a venerable city institution, and one which is working hard to  become a central point for Toronto as a whole. With a number of thrilling  exhibits and a growing range of national treasures, visitors can peruse a whole  host of rooms and it is even home to quite stunning Henry Moore sculpture collection.  There are few galleries where you can get so close to such beguiling pieces of  work, so this is well worth a visit.

5. Ripley's  Aquarium of Canada

This resort sits at the heart  of down-town Toronto, and it is arguably the cities most exciting family  attraction. The largest aquarium in Canada, it provides a thrilling underwater  adventure for everyone regardless of their age, tastes or preferences. The  resort showcases more than 16,000 marine animals, while it is also home to  the world's most expensive and revered jelly fish collections.

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