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Cutting Onions

There's a Tim Hortons ad on television where the old man saves cups to commemorate life events. A guy discovers his secret box of old cups and at the end, the old guy adds one more. That's when they want me to tear up.

But I never do. There's something about that ad that seems so manipulative and contrived, it just doesn't work on me. They've got the right blueprint, but the recipe is just off.

Off the top of my head, there are a few such moments that never fail to moisten my eyes. One is actually an old Bell ad. I know this one is equally as manipulative and contrived, but it never fails to work on me. I've never been able to watch it without tearing up.

In the movies, I'm a sucker for the moment in Field of Dreams when Ray Kinsella says to his dad, "You wanna have a catch?". Every. Damn. Time.

Then, there's the ending of Big Fish. That ruins me. When I watch it with the kids, I sometimes put a cover over my head because I just sob.

What does it for you? What gets you all misty-eyed?

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