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The Tenors Anthem Modification Doubly Offensive

As a kid, I loved the MLB All-Star Game. As an adult, I can take it or leave it. Tonight, I decided to take it.

The Canadian national anthem was performed by The Tenors. I must admit, the whole tenor thing confuses me. I don't know if these are the original Tenors, the Canadian Tenors, or what. At this point, I feel bad for all Tenors everywhere who will be confused with the quartet I saw tonight.

You see, they wanted to make a racist statement, and they decided O Canada was the place to do it. They decided to alter the anthem's lyrics from "with glowing hearts we see thee rise/the True North strong and free" to "we're all brothers and sisters/all lives matter to the brave."

Seriously, they thought it was a good idea insert a terribly gross message into our national anthem. Here's footage:

@torontomike - They have the right to protest but, this isn't cool. #MLBAllStarGame— Vanessa Austin (@VGonzee) July 13, 2016

This is really, really offensive. The "all lives matter" message truly pisses me off the way "straight pride parades", "white history month" and "men's day" advocates piss me off. The "all lives matter" statement has nothing to do with all lives mattering and everything to do with white lives mattering. Give me a break.

Of course, The Tenors are entitled to such an opinion, but how offensive is it to all Canadians that they'd insert it into O Canada? I'm still shocked it happened...

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