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Big Mo

Ever since I moved into my current home almost five years ago, I've mowed my lawns with a manual push mower. The trick, I've learned, is to do it frequently, because it can be difficult if the grass gets too high.

My neighbour is going through a rough patch and hadn't mowed his lawn yet this year, so when he knocked on my door this morning asking for a little help, I was more than happy to rise to the occasion, but my push mower wasn't. Here's the challenge I faced an hour ago.


I was wondering who I could borrow a power mower from when I remembered Big Mo. Many years ago, when my mom got rid of her grass lawn, she gave me Big Mo, an old electrical mower that had seen better days. I don't use electrical mowers, but instead of throwing Big Mo in the trash or giving him away, I let him collect rust in the back of my shed. He's been there, undisturbed, for almost five years.

I don't know why I kept Big Mo, but today, I was glad I did. Although it took a while, because the grass was so long I had to take it down in small slivers, Big Mo saved the day.


And now that the lawn is nice and short, I promised my neighbour I'd maintain it with my push mower.

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