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Preparing the TMDS Backyard Studio

It's been 99 days since I last recorded an episode of Toronto Mike'd in the physical presence of my guest. Excluding episode 666 with my wife, of course. Over that 99 days I've recorded 75 episodes. 99 days and 75 episodes into this global pandemic, I'm ready to record again in person.

Guests still aren't permitted in the TMDS studio, so I'm moving things outside. I've set up the TMDS backyard studio so me and my guest are over ten feet from each other, and for added safety, on different plains. I'll be on the deck and my guest will be on the lawn. Here's a pic.

TMDS Backyard Studio

I tested the new studio with a couple of VIP guests, including my four year old. Click here to see how it looked and hear how it sounded.

Another test so Morgan doesn't get upset— Toronto Mike (@torontomike) June 20, 2020

The new studio makes its debut for real on Tuesday night when Ben Rayner drops by to talk about life after the Toronto Star. We're going to live stream that one on Periscope. Then, at the end of the month, Marc Weisblott will visit to deliver his June 2020 recap.

I can't wait. Now we just need mother nature to cooperate.

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