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Our COVID-19 Attack Plan

Ontario now has 15 positive cases of COVID-19. Nobody in Canada has died from the virus and the risk of contracting the virus in Ontario remains low. But as things change rapidly and the world strives to contain the outbreak, I thought it might be wise to start a thread on the subject.

Wash Your Damn Hands!
At this point, there's no need to alter our day-to-day. It's still safe to attend that concert or go to that Leafs game. There's certainly no need to panic. It's flu season, so I trust you're all washing your hands regularly throughout the day anyway, right? Keep doing that. It's a good idea regardless. I'm washing my hands in warm water and soap as I type!

Stop Hoarding Masks
Do not hoard medical masks. Patients need them, and they're not going to help you avoid COVID-19. Be a sweetheart and leave the masks for the elderly, vulnerable and sick.

Stay Aware
Things are changing rapidly as the number infected around the world continues to rise. At last count there are over 88,000 known infections. It's not beyond the realm of possibility that public gatherings in Toronto are forbidden at some point. Check in daily, and perhaps give this a listen each morning.

Should we all end up quarantined, I'll continue producing weekly episodes of Toronto Mike'd. After all, that's what matters in these trying times. I'll bring in guests remotely and keep the #realtalk flowing. Assuming we have Internet, of course.

If the internet goes down, we'll likely devolve into Lord of the Flies in mere hours, anyway. If that happens, all bets are off.

Hang in there! We'll hope for the best, but prepare for the worst. Let's hope the next TMLX isn't a Skype event and that we can all gather at Great Lakes Brewery for good times this June.

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