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COVID Fatigue Has Set In

Tomorrow at 5:30pm, we're recording our 52nd Pandemic Friday episode of Toronto Mike'd. That's right, Pandemic Friday will record on a Thursday. Very few Pandemic Friday episodes have actually been recorded on a Friday!

But 52 weeks... that's one year. Everything shut down about one year ago. We've been living with this shit for one whole year.

At some point recently, I completely lost interest in all of this. That's not to stay I stopped complying with the rules. I obey. But I couldn't tell you anything about the number of cases, how everything is trending, or where exactly we're at with vaccinations. I'm sure someone will tell me when it's time for healthy 40-somethings to get the jab.

covid-19 vaccine stock photo ig: @hakannural
Photo by Hakan Nural / Unsplash

COVID fatigue has set in, but we're still having a blast with the Pandemic Fridays, and to celebrate one year of... this, FOTMs are invited to join our Zoom to check in and say hi. Just email me at and I'll share the Zoom link. This week's theme is St. Paddy's Day jams.

Photo by Quentin Rey / Unsplash
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