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COVID-19 Update: Shut Down

I mentioned 13 days ago that things develop quickly when a pandemic comes a knockin'. I actually titled that entry "Shut 'Em Down?". I didn't need that question mark at the end. We're shut down.

I hope everyone is hanging in there and staying sane. Here's how things have changed for me.

The last guest to visit TMDS Studio was The Toronto Star's David Rider on Friday the 13th. That was 12 days ago. David dropped by right after Hebsy left after recording Hebsy on Sports. Beyond the six people in my family, the only guest we're letting in the house is my mom. And she's only allowed to visit if she practices strict social distancing!

So let's talk about strict social distancing. I'm now recording everything with a remote guest and have hunkered down in the home for the long haul. Every day I go for a bike ride, every evening we try to get out for a family walk, and I ride over to my local No-Frills once a week to buy groceries. For that task, I now wear a mask my wife made me and I'm careful not to touch my face and wash the mask when I get home.

Jays Mask

TMDS is adjusting revenue forecasts but trying to keep things moving. I'm certainly never bored and always have something I need to do. I'm looking forward to a period of immense and aggressive growth when come through this thing on the other side. Keeping the two little ones fed, active and somewhat productive is a serious challenge with my wife working her full-time job from home.

The goal is to flatten the curve, and we're all in. I hope you are, too.

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