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Frustrated in Ontario

Dear Ann Landers,

We've been mired in this COVID-19 pandemic for over 13 months and it feels like we've learned nothing. Yesterday, the Premier of Ontario announced several initiatives to curb the spread of this virus and it makes little sense to me.

For example, they're closing playgrounds again. Are you kidding me? We've learned playgrounds are safe. This seems particularly cruel, and I'd feel that way even if I wasn't the father of a 5 and 7 year old. And speaking of activities that can be done outdoors while socially distanced, they've banned golf and tennis. Now I consider golf a good walk ruined, and have zero interest in playing, but I'm a big proponent of such safe outdoor activities. Closing playgrounds, tennis courts and golf courses won't do a damn thing in the battle against COVID-19.

What particularly irks me to a point where I'm ready to protest at Queen's Park is that police now have the authority to ask anyone outside their residence to indicate their purpose for leaving home and provide their address. That includes stopping vehicles and potentially issuing tickets of approximately $750. That, Ann, is a police state, and I won't stand for that. The line has been crossed!

For months, doctors and health experts have been asking for paid sick days because the bulk of this spread is in the workplace and people with symptoms and exposures are showing up at work because if they stay home they don't get paid. But here we are 15 months into this shitstorm and Doug Ford refuses to budge. He's penny wise and pound foolish and I rue the day this province elected his party to a majority. Sigh.

I'm of the opinion, if something can be done outdoors from six feet away, it should be encouraged and not prohibited. At this point we have a solid handle on how and where the virus is spread, and that's where we should be exerting our efforts.

Instead, we have this, and this just leaves me...

Frustrated in Ontario

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