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Running Out of Sports Reruns

I'm not really missing sports yet, but that doesn't mean I haven't peeked at some of the sports reruns airing on TSN and Sportsnet this past month. I've seen game 6 of the Leafs and Kings, the Alomar HR off Eckersley and the '92 World Series clincher.

I haven't watched much of the Raptors 2019 championship run because it's all so fresh in my mind. That content, although glorious, is less than a year old!

As I type, I've got Sportsnet paused with the Jays coming to the plate in the bottom of the ninth in the sixth game of the '93 World Series against the Phillies. It's paused because i'm going to make my wife watch this inning for the first time.

I'm pretty sure I've now caught reruns of all the great moments in Toronto sports that I'd care to watch again. Sure, that seventh inning against the Rangers in game five of the ALDS would be fun, but really...

And that's the thing. We've got the two World Series and now the one NBA Championship, and that's about it for colourized games. I'd imagine a city like Boston could go months without running out of content. Our cup does not runneth over.

Are you watching the sports reruns? Do you miss live sports? Let me know in the comments!

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