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5 Days in the Life of Ontario During COVID-19

The Warning

Premier Doug Ford has seen the modelling, and it'll knock ya off your chair! Seriously, you won't believe how bad it's getting. Changes are coming... be ready, Ontario...

The Waiting

Premier Doug Ford won't share the models or changes for several days. Stay tuned!

The Speculating

I wonder what the changes will be... will we get a curfew like Quebec? Ya, that's gotta be it. He's going to announce a curfew on Tuesday. I'll get ahead of his big change by planning out my week so I'm not out of my house after 8pm.

The Leaking

While we wait for Doug Ford to unveil the modelling that will knock us off our chair and the changes that are coming, the local media will start to leak details. No curfew!

More Speculating

If it's not a curfew, what will it be? Paid sick days finally? Only 24 hours until we find out!

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