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I'm a Bike Courier!

My wife recently started a children's clothing company called Mint + Chip. She does lots of custom orders, and sells various kids stuff that she makes at home. I'm no expert, but I'm told it's well made quality clothing and she enjoys hammering away on the various sewing machines. She sells
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Don't Steal My Bike

The Star has an article today about the worst streets for locking up your bike. Not surprisingly, downtown is where most of the thefts occur. Toronto is the bike theft capital of the world with more than 18,000 bikes reported stolen between Jan. 1, 2010 and June 30, 2015.
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Yesterday's Bike Fall

Yesterday, at about noon, I crashed. Literally. Let me tell you about it... Much like today, it was warm out, but rainy. Ice certainly wasn't a concern, as we were nowhere near the freezing mark. It was just another rainy ride. There's a little loop near the Port Credit Yacht
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