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High Park is an Oasis

I've lived by Lake Ontario for seven springs now, and two things I know to be true.

  1. Midges are plentiful and when you bike (or run or walk) you're going to consume one or two dozen
  2. It's cooler by the lake

It's not unusual for me to leave my home wearing pants, gloves and a jacket for ride at this time of year, only to find it's 10 degrees warmer a mere five KM north, forcing me to shed layers like a snake sheds its skin.

A common maneuver for me, one I employed today, is to head east along the Waterfront Trail and then north on Colborne Lodge to ride the High Park loop a few times.

Busting a little north to High Park has two key advantages.

  1. There are no midges in High Park
  2. It's easily 5-10 degrees warmer

At this time of year, High Park is a literal oasis.

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